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Dental Up is your source for everything dental. Shaun Keating and Clinical Guests talk truth and analytics in a no holds barred approach with topics that include: industry standards, innovations, education, technology, and patient care. 

Feb 1, 2022

On this episode of The Dental Up Podcast, we recorded onsite at the Voices of Dentistry 2022 show, where we met with one of Keating Dental Lab's first clients, Dr. Timothy Elloway. Dr. Elloway comes from a healthcare oriented family. His father, several uncles and also several cousins are all family practitioners and dentists. He chose dentistry because he has always enjoyed art and understood at an early age that there is a great deal of artistry in dentistry. Crafting beautiful smiles is one of the things that Dr. Elloway has always enjoyed. When he gets the chance to perform procedures such as fabricating natural looking crowns and dentures, filling in gaps and fixing broken or chipped teeth, or replacing missing teeth with dental implants that look and feel like the natural tooth, he feels as though he is fulfilling one of his callings in life.
  In this episode, you will hear about:
-Advice shared with Dr. Elloway when he started his practice
-His journey from Southern California to Northern California
-How the California fires affected him and his practice
-The importance of building a relationship with your lab
-Working with Zirconia and his experience with it


Find out more about Dr. Elloway and his practice at 

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