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Dental Up is your source for everything dental. Shaun Keating and Clinical Guests talk truth and analytics in a no holds barred approach with topics that include: industry standards, innovations, education, technology, and patient care. 

Aug 27, 2015

Dr. Ron Jackson shows his passion for patient benefit through long lasting materials and ingenuity in this week's Dental Up podcast. 


Aug 19, 2015

In this week's Dental Up podcast, Dr. Hornbrook sits down with Claudia Lovato of Morado Innovative Solutions to discuss they key factors in building and maintaining the perfect team for your practice. 


Aug 11, 2015

Download Gary's Free 5 KPI's Video -Key Performance Indicators:

Dr. Hornbrook and Gary Takacs (@gary_takacs) discuss maximizing your practice's production, the importance of customer service, and getting out from under the thumb of the insurance industry - without forgetting to relive their...

Aug 4, 2015

Discover more about Danville Materials (, the fluctuations in global dentistry, and the growth of key markets in the dental world in our latest Dental Up podcast with Garret Sato, CEO of Danville Materials.