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Dental Up is your source for everything dental. Shaun Keating and Clinical Guests talk truth and analytics in a no holds barred approach with topics that include: industry standards, innovations, education, technology, and patient care. 

Dec 28, 2017

This is our last episode of 2017 and we have a special one to end the year. As the new year approaches, we like to reflect on all the great moments we had in 2017 on the Dental Up podcast.
We have gone over the past 49 episodes published this year and selected a couple of the most insightful ones to re-cap and share with you today. 
Have a great holiday with family and friends. We will be back in the New Year of 2018. Happy New Years! Enjoy!
Episodes Include:
  • Dr. Richard Crossland DDSMake your Dentistry Delightful” March 3rd  Time: 00:34- 03:13        
  • Dr. John Kanca DDSDental Revolutionary” March 29th Time: 03:13- 7:53                               
  • Dr. Brian Rista DMD  “Grow your Practice” April 8th Time: 7:53- 10:46                                      
  • Dr. Peter Patellis DDSChairside Milling Indications” April 19th Time: 10:46- 14:06         
  • Dr. Tuan Pham DDS  “Dental Maverick Summit” July 7th Time: 14:06- 19:00                                       
  • Dr. Glenn Vo DDSPartnerships: Dentists and Laboratory” July 20th Time: 19:00- 25:37                      
  • Dr. Howard Farran DDS, MBADentistry as a Business” August 10th Time: 25:37- 32:26                      
  • Dr. David Hart DDSThriving Small Town Practices: The Airborne Dentist” August 18t Time: 32:26- 42:35
  • Dr. Jermome Smith DDSPredictable Implant Solutions” Sep 7th Time: 42:35- 53:12
  • Dr. Scott Brookshire DDSAlaskan Island Dentistry” Sep 22nd 53:12- 58:48
  • Dr. Tommy Murph DDSGuatemala Extractions: The Denture Whisperer” Dec. 1st Time: 58:48- 1:03:33
  • Dr. Stephen Coates DDSDoes Your Dental Practice STAND OUT?” Dec 7th Time: 1:03:33- 1:07:06