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Dental Up is your source for everything dental. Shaun Keating and Clinical Guests talk truth and analytics in a no holds barred approach with topics that include: industry standards, innovations, education, technology, and patient care. 

Aug 22, 2019

Our guest this week Travis Hornsby sits down with Shaun Keating and discuss ways of helping Dentists and recent Graduates understand their Student Loan Debt and provide options to eradicate that large sum as soon as possible. Travis helps us understand the PSLF Program, what EBITDA is and the difference between S-Corp and C-Corp Taxation. You will hear about all this and much more on this week’s episode of the Dental Up Podcast!

On this Episode you will hear about:
-What is Micro and Macro Economics?
- Understating the supply and demand of your job according to your location.
- Understanding Student Debt and Business Debt
- Networking with the right people in your industry.
- The Difference between student debt today and 20 years ago.

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