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May 31, 2016

Today we’re talking with Dr. Dan Fischer, the founder and president of Ultradent, on the early days of the company, their dental philosophy, and how Ultradent is shaping the future of dentistry. As a visionary and a forward thinker, Dr. Fischer has great insight on the industry. They discussed the growth of Ultradent, conservative versus restorative dentistry, and patients’ needs and wants.

Dr. Fischer strives continuously to “Improve Oral Health Globally,” and hopes to one day discover a cure for caries. In pursuing these goals, Dr. Fischer is a generous philanthropist, regularly donating time, money,​​​​ and products to countless personal missions and organizations such as Sealants For Smiles, which places sealants on the teeth of children with limited preventative dental care. Dr. Fischer also champions The Diversity Foundation, which provides educational opportunities to vulnerable and underprivileged children, and has helped transform the lives of many young people who have been victims of FLDS polygamy.

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